[svlug] Laptop Linux and DOS renames

Justin Ryan [PHT] justin at turbolinux.com
Thu Apr 22 08:08:18 PDT 1999

> So I'm buying a new laptop - and I want to get one that can fully
> support Linux and is easy to maintain and install, because I don't
> have lots of time to sysadmin.  I was wondering if people had any
> suggestions.  I specifically desire (sorry about my ignorance on
> PC hardware - I haven't touched PCs in a long time):
> o  Something reasonably light with a good screen and keyboard

you might want to check the compact VAIO laptops from sony, someone from
VA had one here @ comdex, i think those run around 1500-2000.. toshiba
also has a couple of compact models, the portege 1015CT and 1030CT, I
don't know if they work with linux or how well they do, but they're nice
and about 1500-2000 as well.. these are the very compacts laptops though,
they have 10.4" screens and compact keyboards, less than an inch thick, so
not only are they thin but they have a small footprint, I'm looking to get
one of these which is why i know several models :)

> o  Easy to install Linux and network to a sun, use DSL, and some
>    sort of wireless modem like ricochet.

not sure about DSL/ricochet just because I'm not familiar with those
technologies (We don't have DSL yet where I live and i don't know that
we'll ever have ricochet) and i don't know what it takes to get them
working on a notebook, but it probably has little to do with what brand of
notebook you get, you just need to get the pcmcia cards/etc.. for those

> o  I'd love a DVD player with vid out, but otherwise a CD writer or even
>    just CD would do.  Excellent battery life would be very nice as well.

the really compact models don't have a CD but let you use an external CD,
you can get some nice laptops with DVD and fast CDROM drives.. those run a
bit more, depends on where you go, i think dell and compaq have fairly
good deals, maybe gateway, but im not sure how well those fare with

a lot of laptops have vid out..

> o  It would be snifty if it made a reasonable game machine too, but I'm
>    under the impression that good 3D cards don't exist on laptops yet.

you won't end up with a voodoo accelerator, but you can play some decent
games on a laptop.. i remember recently playing moto racer (Windows of
course.. ugh) on a compaq notebook not too long ago, it was cool.. the
newer lcd panels don't have the problems of the older ones that made 3d
games.. well.. suck :)

> I don't care so much about having the most powerful or the cheapest laptop.

good :)

> I'd be very into getting a Mac laptop if that could do the above, but
> if I must use Intel, then I'll concede  :)

powerbooks run PPC linux just fine, in fact someone did a presentation of
applixware on a powerbook G3 here @ comdex.. you tend to find less binary
software, and some intel source won't compile right on a ppc, and of
course your gaming experience is limited.. i think you end up paying more

have fun..


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