[svlug] Thoughts on Redhat 5.9

George Bonser grep at shorelink.com
Tue Apr 13 20:46:52 PDT 1999

On Tue, 13 Apr 1999 hartr at redhat.com wrote:

> On 13 Apr, George Bonser wrote:
> > I can not see where RH can say with any authority that the FHS will not
> > work until they actually make an effort to use it and find out where and
> > what it breaks. 
> Which we have done - and why we are active on this (as many other
> subjects) in the LSB specification. The SVLUG mailing list is not the
> place to try set a Linux wide standard...there are Linux users all over
> the world.

Well, I can not say that I am privy to the internal Red Hat development
communications so all I know is what I read of Red Hat's public statements
on the issue and all downplay if not outright pooh-pooh the idea.

> AH! Now I see where you are coming from!
> This is exactly why we stopped using our in-house tools and moved to
> using Linuxconf - back at Red Hat 5.0!!! We are carrying forward the
> Red Hat written tools simply for end user convenience - but are
> gradually removing them completely.

Hmm, as of 5.2 the control panel still appears on root's X desktop by
default. Linuxconf may be in there someplace but the thing on the desktop
that is sitting there dying for you to click it is the old control panel.
At least that was the case with the last Red Hat system I worked on a
couple of weeks ago (before I wiped the disk clean).

> As your remarks are directed to these old, depracated tools, I would
> have to agree that they are very distribution specific in the way they
> work (I think only Caldera has ever used them).

I might suggest you do a little better job of hiding your depricated tools
and highlighting your newer ones.

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