[svlug] Sunday is GEEKS on ICE!

Deirdre Saoirse deirdre at deirdre.net
Sat Apr 10 00:59:24 PDT 1999

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On Sunday, April 11, Ms. Mak and Ms. Saoirse invite you to

                      The First Annual
                      Geeks On Ice![1]

To be held at 3:30 pm (until whenever) at the Yerba Buena rink in San
Francisco, very near the Coffeenet (www.coffeenet.net). We will have
lots of fun ice skating and making fools of ourselves. Dress warmly and in
layers. Don't forget mittens and a hat. Really.

Be there or be cubed. Ice cubed. And lonely besides -- because you know
where all the Cool People (tm) will be.

[1] Aka Physics Experiments in a Low-Friction Environment[2]
[2] No, we don't mean gravitational experiments

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