[svlug] Re: remote mount of htdocs (was: Really simple question)

Rex Walters rex at netapp.com
Fri Apr 9 12:04:00 PDT 1999

>>>>> George Bonser writes:  (on 08 Apr 99)

>                     I dunno but I do know /home is a very bad idea because
> everything under /home is subject to remote mount.


What's very bad about remote mounting DocumentRoot (or subtrees to be

Are you suggesting that it's a bad idea to remote mount all of the
http stuff (including ServerRoot and httpd itself)?  

(Mr. Newbie started this thread asking where the *content* belongs, as
distinguished from all of, erm, /www or whatever-you-call-it.)

The latter position I can understand, but the former is sometimes a very
good idea (for scaling, performance, or reliability reasons).  I know of
a few small sites that remote mount htdocs.  :-)


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