POSIX Certified Linux (was Re: [svlug] sticky bits?)

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Sat Apr 3 13:03:16 PST 1999

J C Lawrence wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Apr 1999 15:14:10 -0800 (PST)
> Ian Kluft <ikluft at cisco.com> wrote:
> > But seriously... Linux is *fully* POSIX compliant.
> Ahem.  Wanna try that sentence again, specc'ing which POSIX standard
> this time?  I'm not aware of Linux being fully complaint with any of
> the major POSIX spec's I'm aware of (which is nowhere near all of

I think "POSIX Conformant" was a design objective of Linus.  There was a
company, British, IIRC, which actually got a POSIX certification for
Linux.  They've since gone under (so much for the advantages of
certification).  For some reason, Andy Oram's name (sp?) sticks in my
mind WRT this, he's an O'Reilly author/editor, IIRC.  I think Andy and I
chatted about this at one point.

OK.  Five minutes with Google and dumping my mailbox....Here's Andy and
his mug:  http://www.oreilly.com/people/staff/andyo/

Linux Gazzette, Issue 8, contains a note that LaserMoon sought POSIX
certification for Linux.

Here's LaserMoon's webpage:  http://www.dgc-nms.co.uk/index.html  Well,
sorta.  The bad news is here: http://www.dgc-nms.co.uk/index.html

And here's an item regarding the certification against POSIX.1:  

FWIW, it's interesting to  note that Unix (not just POSIX) branding has
been granted to NT, S/390, and other "non-Unixy" systems, but not Linux
("best of breed" Unix --VinodV, Microsoft Corp) itself.

Of course I believe in standards.  Everyone should have at least two.

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