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Jonathan Sergent sergent at kgb.etla.net
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In message <19981121012148.M30603 at hugin.imat.com>, Rick Moen writes:
 ] Amending my own earlier post, for the benefit of anyone interested
 ] (based on input from Bob La Quey -- thanks!):
 ] > o  FIC PA-2012.  Uses VIA VP3 motherboard chipset.  The PA-2007 has
 ] >    been discontinued.
 ] The PA-2012 is starting to be dropped, and does not _officially_ 
 ] support the 100 MHz local bus (what latecomer Intel is trying to
 ] re-name the "front-side bus").  Its replacement is the PA-2013.
 ] The PA-2012/2013 are ATX form factor.  I actually meant to cite
 ] the VA-503+, which is AT-type (which I prefer).

The 503+ and the 2013 use the MVP3 chipset rather than the VP3.
You get the 100MHz FSB (I think you're right on the naming too but 
I gave in :-) and the 112MHz FSB as well.  (From my understanding,
many of the 300's will run at 112x3=336.  The 350's will run at this 
speed and they are faster there than they are at 100x3.5.)

You have to make sure you get the right chipset rev on these boards.
I think the thing to look for is to make sure the chipset is rev CE
or above... else you have the older version of the board which has
some serious problems IIRC.  For the PA-2013 make sure it's at least
the 2.0 rev of the board.

The 2013 seems to be _really_ hard to find, whereas the 503 seems
to be a bit more common (i.e. I even saw one at Fry's the last time 
I was there).  Note that the newer revs of the 503 do have an ATX
power connector on them as well as the AT power connector so you can
forcibly put it into an ATX case if that's all you have to put it

I don't actually have one of these boards but was thinking about
buying one a month or two ago and so was doing the research...  See 
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.fic (high traffic but there are a few
people who seem to answer most questions) for more info.

The other thing to note that was at least the case when I was
looking at this board is that there were apparently some compatibility
issues with certain AGP boards.

Jonathan Sergent / sergent at kgb.etla.net

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