[svlug] X-Windows emulation under Win98

Charles Peterman peterman at eecs.tufts.edu
Sat Nov 21 08:27:59 PST 1998

Thanks for the help.  I am running SuSE5.3 and there is no 
/etc/X11/xdm.   In fact, there is no xdm file at all under /etc. Does
anyone know which config file this is set up in in the SuSE5.3


On Fri, 20 Nov 1998, Jonathan Sergent wrote:

> In message <Pine.GSO.4.05.9811202110010.17947-100000 at allegro>, Charles Peterman
>  writes:
>  ] 
>  ] SuperX is an X windows server designed to run on a Win box and connect to
>  ] a real machine running X.  This makes one of the machines in my room more
>  ] comfortable for me to work on.  (SO and I have religious/ practical issues
>  ] regarding installing a Linux on the home_office box.  Note that the home
>  ] office box is also the one with the nice monitor as opposed to the 14"
>  ] from hell.)   So I followed the instructions for making one of the Linux
>  ] boxes in the house (we have two full time, one part time :) in the
>  ] NCD-X-Windows mini howto.  I modified inetd.conf to allow tftp and bootp
>  ] to execute and I added an entry to my machine for in /etc/bootptab.  Since
>  ] the server is behind the firewall, I'm not worried this type of exposure.
>  ] 
> The changes you show below are to allow an NCD X terminal to load
> its "kernel" off of your machine and bring itself up on the network.
> You don't need BOOTP and TFTP to make X run over the network, but you
> do need them to make most diskless systems boot--including NCD X
> terminals, but not including Windows 98.
> You should just need to edit the stuff in /etc/X11/xdm to configure
> xdm to allow the Windows machine to do XDMCP, and then configure the
> Linux machine to run xdm, and then you should be able to get the 
> Windows machine to do an XDMCP broadcast query to find the Linux 
> machine and let you log in.  I don't know anything about your particular
> X server for Windows to tell you how to configure it to do this, but
> it's usually the most convenient setup.
> You can also just not use xdm and do it by starting the X server on the
> Windows machine and then bringing up a telnet client to log into the
> Linux machine, set your DISPLAY environment variable to the display on
> the Windows machine, and then firing up whichever X clients you want to
> use.  (This may include a window manager.  Some X servers for Windows
> have their own window managers which integrate with Windows so that
> you can have X windows side by side with Windows windows.  Others just 
> give you one big Windows window that is your X display.)
> Whew.
> I think that if you just want to use it as a "pretend Linux machine"
> then you should set up your Win98 X server to do the full-screen thing 
> and use XDMCP to log in to the Linux machine.
> If you have too much trouble setting this up, you might want to consider
> using VNC.  I get the impression it's easier to set up.  I don't know
> about performance differences, but hopefully there aren't any on a
> 10-Mbit net with just two hosts.
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