[svlug] New Computer

Alvin Oga alvin at planet.fef.com
Fri Nov 20 21:03:04 PST 1998

hi ya rick/scott...

whilst most of ricks comments and concerns are valid..
you still put a lot of time into posting and replying...
( good )...

rick> o  Get an AMD K6-2/300.  That's the sweet-spot price, today.

I just bought the k6-2-300mhz myself...for $129 w/ fan
and mixed and matched all the parts I like...
	- wish there was a bigger linux-friendly store...
	  instead of shopping several places to get a good deal...
	( where one go and gets everything in one place 
	( w/o worrying about returns and rejects and etc...


anyway, fry's ( good-or-bad ) is sellina:
CTX K6-2-300mz system for $600
	- amd k6-2-300mhz
	- 32Mb sdram - donno brand name
	- 3.2Mb UDMA - donno brand name, etc
	- 3D stereo sound - donno brand
	- 32x cdrom - donno brand
	- stereo speakers - donno brand
	- Win98 - yeah throw it out afterward
	- donno why SVGA controller is not listed...
	- donno why motherboard is not listed
they have these by the boxloads of um... and 17" monitors for $180 or so..
( a good thanksgiving present/toy to oneself I suppose )

and will it work for linux... ??? who knows...
- btw, frys have them FIC mb for $89....donno model...can't remember

guess am saying if you want to spend up to xxx dollars...
than you can always find a system that fits your budget and
hopefully the quality or performance or reliability will
be reflected in it over time of say 3months-5 years...

have fun

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