[svlug] Sendmail - Aliases and virtual domains

Hans Cathcart hans at itavera.com
Fri Nov 20 12:57:14 PST 1998

At 10:51 AM -0800 11/20/98, Robert Hajime Lanning wrote:
>So, you are saying that you have this one box that has sendmail configured to
>think it is "itavera.com" and "cathcart.org"?

Thanks Robert,
I figured it out, reading pages 274 of the Sendmail book.

Modified the sendmail.cf file to include virtusertable section.
Created the virtusertable.
Ran to rebuild the virtusertable database.
Relaunched sendmail.

I hate m4... it totally screws me up. So I just use existing .cf files and
modify them.  It's like that urban legend that there is only one make file,
and that every make file is simply a copy of the original make file,
because no one knows how to program make. ;)

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