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Javilk javilk at polly.mall-net.com
Thu Nov 19 16:39:05 PST 1998

> I don't want to sound like too much of a bastard, I think Ian did a really
> great job at the Tea Party, both handling the group and MS.  But with that
> said I think its a risky and unecessary to try to herd everyone through the
> same gate of conformity.  I don't want individuals making Linux look silly
> any more than anyone else, but I also don't want people to think that its
> not ok to be a little extreme for something they believe in.  Bluntly, if
> someone wants to joke about damaging Microsoft property, who are we to tell
> them not to (when we can just tell them they're stupid).  

     Since E-Mail has been used as evidence in court as evidence of
intent, it is wise to include a statement that you are just kidding.

> > could call it the "A" list.) for discussion of more philosophical issues,
> > like how to burn down Microsoft's headquarters (just kidding Dan).

     As was done above.

     Amearica is blessed with the right to free speech.  However, with
freedom, comes responsibility.  This list is being archived, and that
means we are not talking in our basements and living rooms; we are
speaking at the podium in the public square to a group of like minded
peoples.  (Which, I think, is often unfortunate, as it discourages the
free flow of ideas.) We should remember that. And you can bet there are
some MS people monitoring our site, either continuously, or on a regular

     So do make it clear when you are joking.

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