[svlug] SuSE root prob

Walter Reed walt at itrade.net
Thu Nov 19 10:22:53 PST 1998

At 12:34 AM 11/19/98 , Javilk wrote:
>> Cox) so it's the apps that are broken, not the kernel.  The same is very
>> true of Javilk's example, if he's using a configuration tool instead of
>> editing /etc/passwd by hand (some of the people calling themselves
>> "sysadmins" these days...sheesh... ;)  - the tool is broken, not Suse.
>> Suse didn't design the password model, and if you can't change their
>> distribution enough to make it do what you want, you need to learn more
>> about their distribution, and adminning in general.  Your linux
>> installation should not be a black box.
>    I run production.  I don't want to learn all the guts.  I don't do
>more than change the oil on my car, nor do I want to do more than I have
>to on my computers.

This is somewhat valid, but you also have to remember that your not running a
wimpy desktop OS, your running a world-class server OS. Sometimes you need 
to have a good mechanic work on your car when it has a problem. On Linux, 
sometimes you need a good sysadmin to work through the nastier bits. Don't 
think NT is any better here, it still needs a good sysadmin to keep it 
running in a complex high-availability environment. At least on Linux your 
hood isn't welded shut. If your running a business hosting web sites or some
such, your going to NEED a good sysadmin to keep things going smoothly.
Without one, you're just an accident waiting to happen. This person is the 
one who will know what to do when you get hacked, a drive dies, your router
goes up in smoke, etc.


>    And what are the benefits of restricting the name to "webmaste"?  None
>that I can see!  Not when the full nine character name is ALREADY an
>industry standard account name.   That is a step backward, not forward.

Correction: "webmaster" is an industry de-facto standard "E-Mail address",
not neccesarilly an account name. Case in point, the "Postmaster" address
has been mandetory according to some RFC I can't remember for YEARS - and
it's almost Never a "real" account. By default, it points to root on UNIX 

Since you had a big concern about changing your old webmaster user name,
keep in mind that you can rename users without changing the UID. All your 
permissions will remain the same, and fixing the username in other areas
is trivial.

Walter Reed
Engineering Director
InterTrade Systems Corp.

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