Mark Kromer markk at itrade.net
Mon Nov 16 17:51:25 PST 1998

Perhaps the best move for Microsoft would be to build for Linux what 
Win3.1 was for DOS to leverage the best of Linux with Microsoft's 
traditional strengths (they do have some strengths in the desktop environ, 
IMO). Combine an X-like windowing server, a simplified plug and play 
and wizard based configure and add in a proprietary application api and 
com objects.   Make the programming interfaces common between 
WinXX and Linux to simplify porting and allow applications built for it to 
interoperate while putting other vendors at a disadvantage.  I'm not sure it 
would be as powerful as owning the entire operating system, but it would 
allow MS to fully leverage open source OS development,  where open 
source is strongest, without giving away the keys to the kingdom.

(V)ark(<  markk at mynode.com

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