[svlug] 2.1.127/8 weirdness?

George Bonser grep at shorelink.com
Sat Nov 14 23:15:41 PST 1998

On 15 Nov 1998, Marc MERLIN wrote:

> You'll have to wait a bit more for 2.1.129, it's not out yet :-)

pre-2.1.129-1 is at ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/testing

Check it out. Besides, I already did, it has the same problem. This bug
has been the topic of the day on the kernel list.

> For what it's worth, I've also had 2.1.127 reboot 3 times over the course of
> a week (while I wasn't home, and maybe by the software watchdog).

That is what others are reporting. Try editing the Makefile in the top
level of the tree and uncommenting the SMP=1 line to build an SMP kernel.
The latest word is that it works on UP systems.

George Bonser

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