[svlug] Re: WC:>: Open Source Philosophy Model?

Charles Ritter rittecha at gte.net
Sat Nov 14 21:28:28 PST 1998

Rich Kulawiec wrote:
> But I also have no doubt that they will fail.  I said years ago
> that Microsoft was about to run into a buzz saw when they plugged
> themselves into the 'net; that now seems to be coming true, and I
> couldn't be more happy about it.
I wish I was so sure. It's not over till it's over.

> And I think it's already started.  Ask yourself: just what is
> Microsoft going to sell?  Their have two products: software and support.
Microsoft Network, WebTV: content and distribution. As a distributor and
content provider it would serve their cause if they owned the standards.
For a good historic example read up on Philo Farnsworth and David
Sarnoff. The Discovery channel did a good documentary on their struggle
to define the standards for broadcast television.

Microsoft, the telecos, and the broadcast industry, and the recorded
music industry, and the higher education industry, and the vertically
integrated hardware companies... there are a lot of people who could try
to technically, or politically, try to "break" the Internet because they
think it's in their best interests (IMHO).


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