[svlug] Install fest questions.

Javilk javilk at polly.mall-net.com
Fri Nov 13 18:27:47 PST 1998

> I don't mean to be anal retentive here, but... if you sell anything --
> even for a dollar -- please do it in the parking lot. We can't let the
> Installfest to turn into a commercial swap meet. Borrowing is
> acceptable, of course.

     Usually, consideration is interpreted as $1.00 or over.  If we take
this to the extreme, we won't even be able to send someone out for donuts!

     Let's not go overboard on this; reimbursing someone for media
expenses or swapping media devices sounds like reasonable day-to-day
activity, on par with paying for donuts someone has been sent for.  

     Let us be reasonable where non-commercial sharing and media expenses
are concerned.

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