[svlug] Well Done All

Nomad the Wanderer nomad at orci.com
Fri Nov 13 15:05:13 PST 1998

I know a few geeks on their side of the wall.  I'll ask em.


Thus spake Hans Cathcart (hans at itavera.com):

> At 2:13 PM -0700 11/13/98, Nomad the Wanderer wrote:
> >Just wanted you to know that even the M$ guys out here were impressed by
> >the effort and the manner in which it was conducted.  out here being
> >denver of course.
> I wonder if there are any internal Microsoft Emails about our event,
> Thanksgiving documents if you will. Honestly, I'm not trying to dig for
> dirt, just currious what the reaction on the other side of the fence was
> (since our playground doesn't have a fence they know about us.)
> I'm willing to act as a Anonymous remailer if there are any Microsofties
> out there.
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