[svlug] A little on Open Source Philosophy...

Don Marti dmarti at electriclichen.com
Thu Nov 12 14:38:46 PST 1998

On Thu, Nov 12, 1998 at 01:54:49PM -0800, Gies, Dennis wrote:

> So if any of you have some Earth shaking arguments for Open Source,
> or some web pages that address these issues, I'd love to hear
> them....

Some hints for getting Linux in at work:

(see especially "issues list" -- sounds like you are at the stage
where you need to start building up a collection of facts and not
ready to do head-to-head argument until you get a new project to throw
Linux at.)

For open source selling points, see the further reading section of the
above document, or http://opensource.org for advantages of Open Source

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