[svlug] StarOffice 5

Timothy King tking at nsmail.net
Tue Nov 10 21:02:17 PST 1998

Don Marti wrote:
> I do all my business on Linux exclusively.  People don't send me
> Microsoft Word files -- ever since I explained to them that there's a
> utility called "strings" that lets me read not just what's visible to
> the Microsoft Word user, but also a lot of stuff that the user thinks
> is long-deleted.

I know what you mean!  Despite my whining, people still send me
Microsoft Word Files.  I keep telling them "Hey, I've got this cool
Linux utility called strings and it lets me see things you have deleted
in your Word files. Things like 'This is a bank robbery. I have a gub'".

Just today, a potential client sent me a contract to sign for a $$$
project, but the contract was created with Microsoft Word.  I responded
"No way will I accept your tainted money, be gone!!!"

Timothy King
tking at nsmail.net

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