[svlug] It is all starting to make sense

George Bonser grep at shorelink.com
Tue Nov 10 09:31:56 PST 1998

On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Charles Notley wrote:

> "AMD registered 35.8 percent share of all retail systems sold in
> September, followed by the Intel Pentium II and Intel Celeron with 28.2
> percent and 9.6 percent respectively, the report said."

Sorry, I ment the Intel archatecture, this includes AMD, Cyrix, and maybe
a few others.

> "For low-cost PCs, AMD's K6-2 is becoming the chip of choice, garnering
> 68 percent share of sales for sub-$1,000 PCs, with Intel making up 16.2
> percent and Cyrix making up 15.6 percent."

They will be moot in enterprise IT once Merced comes to market. That or
they will need to develop their own competing 64-bit, GHz solutions. I am
discounting the current archatecture for anything other than client
machines. The server market ... where NT's bread and butter is, will
migrate to Merced class processors fairly quickly.

> And Linux runs fine on K5, K6 (a few K6 200mhz's have a problem seeing
> over 48mb of ram under linux), K6-2, probably even K7.

Right, I have one K5, one 6x86-P150+, and several 6x86-P200MX machines
running Linux.

> Intel doesn't matter anymore, why do you think Grove left?

Intel matters on high-end server-grade platforms.

George Bonser

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