[svlug] Caps on my Cisco Networking CD

Scott daoem at geocities.com
Fri Nov 6 07:49:04 PST 1998

Hello.  I am taking this Cisco Networking class at school and I have a
cd w/ all the lessons.  We use netscape to view these.  The only problem
is that when we made the cd we made it in windows95 and i guess it made
all of the filenames capitals.  Now whenever i click on the a link it
wont find it because the directory and the file names are all caps
instead of lower case.  There are like thousands of files on this cd.
Literally i mean more than 5,000 files on this cd.  Lots of images and
movies and html pages.  There is no way that I am going to be able to
change this all to lowercase.  I know that there are some smart fellows
out there that are just wizzes at perl or c.  If any of you could write
me a short little app that would change these filenames to lowercase
that would be just swell if it isnt too much to ask.  If there is a
program already out there that does that and you know the name of it
please tell me that would be just great.  Thanks for your time.

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