[svlug] networks and cdroms

Dave Zarzycki dave at zarzycki.ml.org
Thu Nov 5 17:14:33 PST 1998

On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Nathan wrote:

> 1. I have 2 linux boxes (one thanks to an install fest) and another
> one I set up my self (I'm so proud :)). I networked them together with a
> crossover cable. Both have 3c509 10baseT ethernet cards but when I telnet
> from on to the other it takes about a min. NFS works fine, no delays and I
> can ping back and forth w/o a problem or delay. Any clues?

This sounds like the classic DNS problem. Make sure that you have host/ip
entries in /etc/hosts. An example /etc/hosts file might look like this:               localhost localhost.localdomain		wakko.yourdomainname.com wakko		yakko.yourdomainname.com yakko		dot.yourdomainname.com dot

Or if you don't have a domain, the following will work:               localhost localhost.localdomain		wakko		yakko		dot

Then all you need to do is "telnet wakko"

> 2. I also have a NEC 6x 4 disc changer. Is there any way to mount all for
> the drives? I can only get the 1st one to mount now. 

I have no idea.


PS - Wakko, Yakko, and Dot are characters from the Animaniacs cartoon
television show for those people who are wondering.

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