[svlug] SC98

Larry Felber tuelle at pacbell.net
Wed Nov 4 17:42:12 PST 1998

I know this is late notice, but I'm leaving for SC98 ("Supercomputing
98") on Friday morning. While there I plan to keep my eyes open for
Linux "happenings". I've got a few items on my list of things to see/do
already, but I was wondering if anyone out there knows about any "must
see" booths/events that haven't gotten a lot of press. I'm interested in
what's going on with Beowulf and other distributed systems. I'm keeping
my eyes open for JINI stuff too. I'll be spending most of my time
working our booth, but I usually have time to read later.

I am way down towards the bottom of the Linux learning curve, but I'm
learning as much as I can as fast as I can.

Larry Felber

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