[svlug] linuxmafia.com/penguincomputing off-line (was: SVLUG InstallFest...)

Rick Moen rick at hugin.imat.com
Tue Nov 3 18:29:19 PST 1998

Quoting Chris DiBona (chris at dibona.com):

> I don't see how this could be a problem. I don't think that I just speak
> for myself when I say that we are proud to be able to lend our name to it. 

Thanks.  I'm delighted.

Something else recently happened that has me less than delighted:  The
"linuxmafia.com" domain's nameservice is off-line.   For now, to reach 
the BALE or CABAL Web pages/ftp files, use, instead, the old reliable:


The "linuxmafia.com" domain was a kind gift from Sam Ockman of Penguin
Computing, who registered it.  I just noticed that both the primary
and secondary nameservers are on Penguin Computing machines on the same
network.  Those two machines are both off-line, hence the outage.

I'll certainly act to have (at a minimum) the secondary domain server
be elsewhere (such as my own machine), when this problem gets resolved.

Penguin Computing's own nameservice, Web pages, and e-mail are also
wrapped up in those two machines -- and Sam's contact information in
the NIC records is wrong -- so Penguin appears pretty much incommunicado
at the moment.  I hope he and his company are OK.  Does anyone have some
means to contact him?

Cheers,                     "All power is delightful, but absolute power
Rick Moen                    is absolutely delightful."  - Kenneth Tynan
rick (at) hugin.imat.com 

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