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Mon Nov 2 17:07:37 PST 1998

On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Dan Bethe wrote:

> 1)  i'd never have been hired by anyone who acts that way
> 2)  i'd never stay there
> 3)  i've been employed in nothing but Linux in the year since I moved to
> Dallas / Ft Worth
> 4)  it'd be my fault for the mistakes I've made.
> 5)  I am NOT supposed to be a wage slave
> 6)  Linux is free -- Life is good.

In a large enterprise network, particularly in the core infrastructure IT
group, servers do not often get installed on the whim on one individual.
ANY changes are usually hashed out in meetings. It is looked at from all
angles, what could the potential problems be, etc. Everyone gets a chance
to shoot it down. There are usually one or two people whose opinion
carries a lot of weight in the decision. You have to get their support of
the idea dies.

It might take weeks to get approval for the installation of a Linux box to
test SAMBA, for example. They first of all want to know all about SAMBA,
what bugs there are, how is it going to be set up, etc. In other words,
there is no learning as you go along, the entire installation has to be
planned and documented before you throw the switch the first time. Sure,
there is room for modification if the original plan hits a snag but if it
strays too far from the original plan, you are subject to having the whole
thing yanked out and starting over with the planning process again.

We are not talking about slapping a server on a net and banging on the
keyboard for 72hrs until it works. In the kind of environment I work in,
it has to work the first time or at least have a well documented plan
going in.

I am no so much talking about being a wage-slave as I am a slave to policy
and procedure that have been established after one too many hip-shot
attempts to install something caused other things to break. Have you ever
seen what happens when email for a world-wide network is screwed up? Ever
seen shit hit a turbofan?

George Bonser

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