[svlug] changing the rules (was: MICROSOFT VS LINUX)

Ian Kluft ikluft at cisco.com
Mon Nov 2 02:12:33 PST 1998

> From: John Conover <conover at inow.com>
> Kind of a "if you can't win at the game, change the rules" mentality. 

Actually, changing the rules is what Open Source did to them.  Any
strategist's response would be to seek to re-gain the initiative in the
competition.  MS has been able to win against traditional competitors by
owning the rule book (OS).  When Linux and Apache changed the rules on them,
all the old tactics didn't work any more.  They're only just beginning
to get it now.

But it's not as simple as just saying you're changing the rules...
In reality, they're probably too late to be able to seriously attack
Open Source with just hype and FUD any more.

The initial base of credibility for Open Source is now established.  It's
getting industry support and media attention.  Better than most changes in
the rules, Open Source confronted them with a "paradigm shift", a fundamental
and significant improvement in the way things are done.  (i.e. this is a
better process, not just a better product.)  You can't combat a paradigm
shift without learning it, mastering it and then finding a new leap in
productivity that makes the next paradigm shift.  We're probably on a
wave/cycle that will last years.  That's how the processes that drive
technology work.

My take on this... the best action on our part is to continue to push the
Open Source development methodolgies and the advocacy campaigns.  We'll all
keep an eye on Redmond for more signs that they've realized what hit them.

   Ian Kluft <ikluft at svlug.org>

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