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> I just printed out Eric Raymond's piece on microsoft vs opensorce-
>  (37 pages) Does anyone know what FUD TACTICS are? thanks--randy :)

ESR claims that he didn't write that -- he claims that Vinod Valloppillil
wrote it for Microsoft's benefit and that it was leaked to him.

Are you asking what FUD tactics are (definitionally) or holding this paper
up as an example of them?

One can suppose that Microsoft internal memos would have a reason to play
up Microsoft rivals, rather than playing them down.  This memo is _far_
more positive toward Linux than anything Microsoft has ever said in public.
It gives open source development a lot more credit than official Microsoft
tends to, and it proposes that Microsoft will have to work to beat it.  If
so, this is a very good sign, relative to what Microsoft thought in the

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