[svlug] Who's going Saturday?

Rick Moen rick at hugin.imat.com
Mon Nov 17 10:38:10 PST 1997

Rob Walker wrote:
> Javilk> Is the installfest this Saturday?  If so, Where?  Fremont
> Javilk> again, or somewhere down here on the Penninsula?
> I am not sure why I just got this on Saturday evening, when the
> timestamp on the email is Thursday afternoon, but.....
> I guess the announcement never got out after last month's workshop.
> There were not very many people there, three or four is what I
> remember.  It was decided that, due to waning interest and the
> upcoming holidays, the next workshop would be the 17th of January,
> 1998.

However, BALUG and the SFpcUG Linux SIG will be co-sponsoring the 
first San Francisco InstallFest, that day from 4 pm onwards.  It'll
be at the SFpcUG space at 744 Harrison (between 3rd and 4th Streets)
near Moscone Center, the same building that houses the CoffeeNet.

Directions are available at <http://www.sfpcug.org/> and on my
BALE page at <http://hugin.imat.com/bale/>.

Cheers,                    Long ago, there lived a creature with a 
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