[svlug] Who's going Saturday?

Javilk javilk at meg.mall-net.com
Sat Nov 15 20:14:23 PST 1997

> Javilk> Is the installfest this Saturday?  If so, Where?  Fremont
> Javilk> again, or somewhere down here on the Penninsula?
> I am not sure why I just got this on Saturday evening, when the
> timestamp on the email is Thursday afternoon, but.....

    Maybe we need to work on the mail swerver...?

> upcoming holidays, the next workshop would be the 17th of January,
> 1998.

    I see... 

> as far as location goes, we are still open to any suggestions.
> Remember, the criteria that we are looking for are location, price,
> and space.  We already have good space and price right where we want
> them.  I think that the only thing to improve upon would be the
> location.

     Many apartment complexes have rooms available for a nominal fee or
for a deposit.  Mine only asks for a $90 deposit.  Size may be a problem,
but six to 12 people should be comfortable in most cases.

     I am near Fry's off Central Expressway in Sunnyvale.

     Does anyone have a better location?

     Is anyone running X windows in 16 meg of memory? I get the feeling,
having re-installed RedHat 4.2 on my notebook machine a few times and
still getting lib problems, that it just might be a RAM issue...  I can't
even get it to run on my 16 meg desktop machine despite a few re-installs
there either, though the Xconfigurator and other setup items work. 

    I figure if I could get IP Masquerading to work, at worst, I could run
Netscape on my windows machine, and just surf through the Linux box. 

     Or does anyone have something like a U-Gate or other relatively
inexpensive modem to ethernet solution for sale? 

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Our nations second greatest asset (behind our minds,) is the idle time of
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