[svlug] Red Hat and 3c509 - success!

Mason, H. Chris h.c.mason at lmco.com
Fri Dec 19 13:52:20 PST 1997

My Guess is that something is going on similar to what happened
with my Zoom Modem.  The modem needs to be initialized by isapnptools
in order to work.  In a similar function, this PCI device needs to be 
initialized due to the plug and play feature.  I bet there is some code
in slackware that detects plug and play hardware and then initializes
	the NIC.  Once this job is done, perhaps redhat can see the
already initialized device.  maybe a person with time on their hands
	place kprint function calls in the pci init source to display
some of
	the action.  Or maybe that is the printk function.  This
	goes to the kernel messages area.  I found it useful to place
	function call to see what was going on with an errant NIC driver
	under (gulp) microchannel.  It can be fun to put traces in the
	init code and also the ethernet init and the ethernet driver.
	A person could conceivably put printk statements in 35c09.c.
	This is how I usually debug programs.  I used to joke that I 
	belong to the Shakespearean school of COBOL programming
	where "DISPLAY's the Thing".  (the plays the thing, Display is
	COBOL's printf type thing).  I also need more coffee.
	Happy Holidays...

	Chris Mason.

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