[svlug] Red Hat and 3c509 - success!

Ben Spade spade at spade.com
Fri Dec 19 12:23:44 PST 1997

Here is a bit more data - when the system is shut down for a long
time (like overnight), the 3c509 doesn't work until slackware is
booted, but it is not necessary to completly boot slackware, just
to the point where it starts thinking about probing the hardware.
Then, if I <CTL><ALT><DEL> and boot RH, it works fine.

Here are comments to Rick's reply:
> [Replying to Ben Spade's post.]
> It's a 3c509.  Those NICs were _not_ the least bit problematic.  
> Therefore, it should not be necessary to...
> -- get a card with jumpers
> -- switch to RH 5.0
> -- change to Slackware
But Slackware is what makes it work!

> I would have been tempted to (1) boot DOS, fire up 3C5X9CFG.EXE, and 
> check that it's something generally sane, such as Int 10 decimal, 
> I/O base 300h, then run the provided tests, then see if the NIC 
> functions in Doze95.  If you know your hardware to the point you 
> can rule out conflicts, then that leaves a whacked-out Linux 
> installation.
Been there - done that. It did pass the 3com tests.

Rick also mentions the possibility of the installation of RedHat being
messed up. This is a real possibility, as I have been unable to EVER
get RedHat to work easily (not that I have tried very hard). 

If I can, I'll bring the system to the next install fest. (Could be a
problem, as it is not mine. But I'll try.)

                    Ben Spade
                 spade at spade.com

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