[svlug] reliable source for low-end PCs?

Rick Moen rick at hugin.imat.com
Fri Dec 19 11:51:43 PST 1997

Chris Mason wrote:

> If I get one of these pentium boards with built in EIDE, is there anyway
> to use my spare SCSI harddisk and adapter to boot off of?

_Booting_ that SCSI hard disk?  Yes, if you disable...

>       > . 540 MB disk

...in the BIOS hard drive table.  Bootable IDE devices like the above,
if present, grab the Int13h boot code, making it unavailable for SCSI.

So, either yank the IDE stuff and turn off both IDE chains in the
system BIOS, or just do at least the first stage of booting from
the IDE drive, and have the SCSI devices as additional ones.
You could have everything but the partition-selector (e.g., lilo
or Boot Manager) over on the SCSI drive, for example.

> Do I need to disable the EIDE?

Need to?  In an absolute sense, no.  However, I find that IDE hard
drives make nice high-tech substitutes for lumps of coal in the
Christmas stockings of wicked children.

Go, SCSI!  Yay, team!  (I think I need less caffeine, or perhaps a 
great deal more.)

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