[svlug] Red Hat and 3c509 - success!

Rick Moen rick at hugin.imat.com
Fri Dec 19 11:39:23 PST 1997

[Replying to Ben Spade's post.]

It's a 3c509.  Those NICs were _not_ the least bit problematic.  
Therefore, it should not be necessary to...

-- get a card with jumpers
-- switch to RH 5.0
-- change to Slackware

It defintely was and is a good idea to run the provided batch file
to turn off Plug'n'Pray, but even that is not an absolute necessity.
It just ensures that the motherboard PnP controller won't assign
the card different hardware resources without notice, at some point 
in the future.

The problem pretty much had to have been either...

-- a slightly defective NIC,
-- a slightly messed-up installation of RH 4.2, or
-- a hardware conflict.

I would have been tempted to (1) boot DOS, fire up 3C5X9CFG.EXE, and 
check that it's something generally sane, such as Int 10 decimal, 
I/O base 300h, then run the provided tests, then see if the NIC 
functions in Doze95.  If you know your hardware to the point you 
can rule out conflicts, then that leaves a whacked-out Linux 

Sudden thought:  A tendency towards diagnosis is itself an incurable

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