[svlug] reliable source for low-end PCs?

Mitch Wyle mfw at datamain.com
Wed Dec 17 16:17:19 PST 1997


we are looking to purchase 15 - 20 PC systems to run linux.

we need at LEAST

. i486-dx-4 (100 Mhz), 
. 16 MB DRAM
. 540 MB disk 
. 2 serial, 1 parallel
. isa ethernet card
. 33.6 modem
. 1.44 MB floppy

we do not want keyboard, sound, good video, cd-rom, or monitor, but we
do need the systems to boot up so they probably need some form of video
or else a bios that boots without kbd or video.

can you please point me to dealers who integrate and sell these low-end

i suspect this question is asked often in the linux community.

many thanks,


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