[svlug] RedHad can't see Ethernet card

Alvin Oga alvin at planet.fef.com
Tue Dec 16 13:07:54 PST 1997

hi ya Ben

i've got tons of machines with 3c509 and 3c595....all of which
I build kernels with those options set...( no modules )...
	( linux-2.0.3x kernels all work fine w/ 3c5x5 )

make sure when you make zlilo or lilo and check the /etc/lilo.conf
file that the right zimage is being loaded...
	( run lilo manually after reviewing/editing /etc/lilo.conf )

and before I do a make zlilo, I always remove the old modules from
teh prev kernel...
	# other stuff...
	# mv /lib/modules/2.0.30 /lib/modules/2.0.30.old
	# make zlilo		to get the proper modules loaded for it

nah...you don't wanna pay me to come and fix it... hee hee hee

have fun

> Ben Spade wrote:
> Oh Goody - you're awake!
> In some detail, we first installed 4.2 last week, even got X working,
> but no ethernet. I fooled around with it for a while, and finally got
> it to work ( going through RH's graphical sysadmin tool), and so we
> rebooted 'just to make sure'. Well, it hasn't worked since.
> Reading about the 3c509 in the Documentation directory, and in the
> driver source, I learned that probing doesn't usually work (it did once!),
> so we tried 'modprobe 3c509 io=0x300 irq=10', (no luck), and putting
> the same info in /etc/conf.modules so kerneld could get to it (still no luck).
> So, last night, we created a custom kernel, with the 3c509 driver
> compiled in, but it still can't see the device. Since the computer lives in
> a house that is T1 connected, with 10BaseT to the bedrooms, ethernet
> is pretty important, and it is unlikely that kerneld would ever get an
> opportunity to unload the driver, so building it in seemed like a 
> good thing anyway - but it still doesn't work! Bah Humbug!
> I will try any suggestions tonight (I carted the computer home with me
> last night), so thanks in advance
> 	Ben
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