[svlug] Re: NT 5.0 Beta 1 Facts

Chris Waters xtifr at dsp.net
Tue Dec 16 00:16:10 PST 1997

Nate Smith wrote:

> linux cannot gain market share until it has ISVs, which it's not likely
> to ever have *scowl*.

"Market share?"  Anyway, seems to me that the number of ISVs producing
Linux software is skyrocketing.  Granted, it's hardly huge, but when you
consider where Linux started. . . 

> it would be nice to see oracle running under linux, or even informix.

I think that Linux is viewed, inside and outside the UNIX marketplace,
as the "desktop UNIX".  Which is good and bad:  traditional UNIX server
vendors like Oracle are holding back, but desktop app vendors, who had
all but given up on UNIX, seem to be taking notice.

Linux doesn't fit in the traditional pigeonholes; it's a new ballgame. 
And it's hard to do an apples-to-apples comparison.  But when MS is
making noises about porting its apps to Linux, something too big to
ignore is happening.

> this industry is all about volume markets, these days.

This industry changes too fast for any blanket assertions.

> take microprocessors, for example.  dec's alpha
> is far superior to any existing intel architechture

Superior in what sense?  Most desktop machines have far more power than
they need for the tasks they perform.  Price/performance is tricky to
measure when most of your performance is dissipating as waste heat.  A
386 is adequate to balance your checkbook and print an occasional
letter.  Buying more than you need is a waste of money.

Linux is the low price leader, the first time in a decade and a half
that MS has had competition on the low end.  Vertical markets are
quickly starting to notice, the home market is just beginning to
notice.  Businesses have their eye on the bottom line, and Linux *costs
less*!  The fact that it's better is only gravy.

> nobody's interested in fighting the evil wintel empire with
> superior technology.

Nobody is interested in fighting the "evil empire", period. 
Joe-on-the-street doesn't care.  But tell him he can save money? 
That'll get his attention!  "Superior technology" runs a distant second
in his interests.  Especially since he's still frightened of technology,
and still can't program his VCR!  :-)

Of course, businesses know that the real costs are in support and
maintenance.  And those costs are hard to measure accurately.  That's
where Linux still has to prove itself.  But NT has made some outrageous
claims, and has failed to deliver.  So that's where the real
battleground is shaping up.

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