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On Mon, 15 Dec 1997, Daniel P. Kionka wrote:

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> Subject: [svlug] Re: NT 5.0 Beta 1 Facts
> Here are some facts about NT 5.0 that my boss sent us.  Since we have
> not had much discussion lately, I will start by saying that I think it
> is inevitable that NT will be more complete and user friendly than Unix
> (Linux) because of the number of developers they are throwing at the
> problem.  The only way Linux can gain market share is if NT starts to do
> so much more than most people want, and Linux gives them everything they
> do want.

linux cannot gain market share until it has ISVs, which it's not likely
to ever have *scowl*.  it would be nice to see oracle running under linux,
or even informix.. but that's only one example.  possibly red hat can rally
some ISVs into porting to linux, but it's not going to be easy.  comparing
linux and NT is a waste of time.  linux is technically superior, but NT
has the corporate volume market.  this industry is all about volume 
markets, these days.  take microprocessors, for example.  dec's alpha
is far superior to any existing intel architechture, but dec's sucking
up to intel, giving away the alpha..  intel has the fabs, and the volume 
market.  nobody's interested in fighting the evil wintel empire with
superior technology.  torvalds himself is doing different things these
days.... he's waiting to cash in those ipo stock options. yours cynically,

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