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Amen to that, when a company starts talking about all the lines of 
it's basically both meaningless and misleading. To the market, it may 

look like HEY! 30 million liunes of code! It must be something great, 

now to my trained, nt coding eye, I see ....hmm 400 testers to test 
14 MILLION lines of new code. Bwah Ah Ha Ha Ha! I can't wait to 
see nt 5.0 initial release crash the world.


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Am I the only one who immediately thought of Steve Balmer's interview
in "Revenge of the Nerds" where he derided IBM for their KLOC
mentality during the OS/2 development?

    All IBM could talk about was how many KLOCs this or that would
    take.  If you could getter it done better and faster with fewer 
    isn't that better?


>From: "Daniel P. Kionka" <dkionka at gadzoox.com>
>> New Bundled Utilities: Backup (Seagate), Vol Mgr (Veritas), Tape 
Mgr (High-Ground)
>> Lines of code: 30 million (vs 16.5 million for 4.0, 6.1 million 
for 3.1)
>> Number of developers: 400
>> Number of testers: 400
>> Avg lines of new code per developer per day: 700
>> Est time for half of all NT servers running 5.0, assuming mid-98 
ship: late 2000/early 2001.
>> Source: Lan Times, 12/8/97

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