[svlug] Re: NT 5.0 Beta 1 Facts

Rob Walker rob at cisco.com
Mon Dec 15 11:05:48 PST 1997

>>>>> On Mon, 15 Dec 1997 10:41:52 -0800, mfw at datamain.com (Mitch
>>>>> Wyle) said:

>> it is inevitable that NT will be more complete and user friendly
>> than Unix (Linux) because of the number of developers they are
>> throwing at the problem.

Mitch> It is inevitable that NT will be less complete and less
Mitch> user-friendly than Linux because of the number of developers
Mitch> they are throwing at the problem.

totally.  add to that the huge numbers of beta testers that we have,
and the number of platforms which we are able to support, and I die
laughing.  A friend of mine (in his Operating Systems class) just had
to write a paper on 'an OS and why a company chose it and why it
failed and what their solution was'.  He came to me after spending a
day on M$' web site, and said, "rob, I just cannot find any reason
people would _use_ NT.  The cost of not pirating it, getting anything
done, and not being able to run _quality software_ (read: open source
makes for better code) makes this a complete no-brainer.  

>> The only way Linux can gain market share is if NT starts to do so
>> much more than most people want, and Linux gives them everything
>> they do want.

Mitch> Linux will continue to gain market share because NT will
Mitch> continue to force end-users along the bloat-ware upgrade
Mitch> treadmill, milking us for more money and delivering less value.

you know what else is cool?  I cannot wait for the next round of
hardware downsizing to hit linux.  Already 486s are being thrown away
with impunity, when they are still great servers under linux.  Some
people are treating their P-90s with impunity now, and I am just
smiling, and biding my time until I can 'take them off their hands'.

Mitch> Linux maintains its focus on solving real problems elegantly,
Mitch> and effectively.

has anyone seen http://www.gimp.org lately?  wow!  A photoshop fiend
friend of mine about wets his pants when he sees what a beta release
of the gimp can do.  heh....


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