[svlug] info on COBOL compilers

Rob Walker rob at cisco.com
Tue Dec 9 09:24:19 PST 1997

I was reading the redhat digest just this morning, and I found this,
which ties in to what chris mason was looking for.



Looking at the question 3.4

    3.4 for Linux ?

        ACUCOBOL-85 is now available for Linux. Also, the iBCS2 code for
        Linux should mean that it is possible to get some of the i486
        COBOL packages for operating systems such as SCO UNIX to work.

        Ralf Draeger (draegerr at informatik.tu-muenchen.de) reports that
        it is possible to get programs compiled using Micro Focus COBOL
        on SCO UNIX to run on Linux.

        Norman Hull (norman at idh.ie) adds :

            Using Micro Focus COBOL v3.1 for SCO UNIX and Linux kernels
            1.1.35 and 1.1.45 with the iBCS code, programs will compile
            on Linux to .int code, but fail when data is entered (the
            tictac demo. program fails with illegal character in numeric
            field, whatever data is entered).

            When the .int code is created under SCO and transferred to
            Linux, it runs in exactly the same way as it does on SCO.

            If compiled to .gnt code, the program runs without any
            problems on Linux.

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