[svlug] New Microcenter on Mission College Linux stuff.

Mason, H. Chris h.c.mason at lmco.com
Mon Dec 8 17:48:55 PST 1997

I went to the new large microcenter and saw applixware and other
linux stuff.  They have a nice policy of selling older editions of books
for cheaper.  I picked up unix in a nutshell for $5.

Microcenter is on mission college boulevard next to AMC 20 movie

Someone else bought a book about TCL programming.  It was on sale.

I saw a book called "COBOL for Dummies".  It mentioned a COBOL
interpreter for linux by a company called Deskware.  I wish I could
download the interpreter...

I couldn't see getting the book just to get at the software on the

Can someone help me find this?  Maybe I should contact Deskware
Chris Mason.
h.c.mason at lmco.com

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