[svlug] Re: Joining the Linux User Group

Daniel P. Kionka dkionka at gadzoox.com
Mon Dec 8 14:33:56 PST 1997

I am forwarding your letter to our discussion list.  There are some
consultants in the group who you could hire to set up your system. 
Because of the holidays we will not have a workshop until mid January.

Trainovitch, Ruth wrote:
> Dan -
> I'm currently running Windows 95 on my PC at home and I would like
> to add Linux (preferably Red Hat) to my system.
> I'm a Software Engineer and I want a Unix environment at home to do
> some web development and Java programming.  Unfortunately, I'm
> not very interested in Unix System Administration.  I'd like to get some
> help installing Linux and getting it configured for my system.  (Like
> most application programmers, I want to USE the operating system,
> not TINKER with it .)
> I saw that the Linux User Group offers workshops to help people install
> Linux.  I may give that a try, but I think I would prefer something even
> EASIER.  Do you know of any companies in the Bay Area that will
> install and configure Linux ?
> Also, please send me information about joining SVLUG.
> Thanks,
> - Ruth
> Ruth Trainovitch
> GTE Software Engineer
> email: ruth.trainovitch at gsc.gte.com

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