[svlug-announce] TONIGHT: SCST, a SCSI Target Framework for Linux

Andrew Fife andrewbfife at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 4 11:45:16 PST 2009

[1] General Meeting TONIGHT - SCST, a SCSI Target Framework for Linux
[2] President / VP Elections (Next Month!)
[3] SVLUG Needs Volunteers!

[1]General Meeting Tonight

SCST, a SCSI Target Framework for Linux
There are two main SCSI Target Frameworks available in Linux: SCST and STGT. STGT performs the majority of its functions in userland, and has limited target-mode driver support. SCST, on the other hand, has very extensive in-kernel support, and has target mode driver support for FiberChannel, SAS, iSCSI, Infiniband, and so forth.

Richard Sharpe will present information on how to build and install SCST, as well as how to code device handlers and target-mode drivers using SCSI LLDs like scst_local, the Marvell SAS target driver. He will also talk about implementing a virtual tape library using SCST.

Richard Sharpe is a member of the Samba Team, and has written a number of dissectors for Wireshark/Ethereal. He is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Data Robotics, where he writes Linux device drivers. He also supports scst_local. 

Location & directions here:

[2]President / VP Elections

The current President & Vice President terms are coming to an end and we will hold an election at the beginning of the December General Meeting on 12/2/09.  Please mark your calendars if you wish to vote or stand for either position.

[3]SVLUG Needs Volunteers!

If you enjoy participating in the SVLUG community, please consider lending a hand to help keep the group healthy and vital.  If you would like to help out please us know on the "volunteers" mailing list:


In particular SVLUG needs help with the following positions:

SPEAKER COORDINATOR -- The speaker coordinator is responsible for reaching out to and confirming the speakers at upcoming general meetings.  Recruiting speakers is great way to interesting folks in the F/OSS community and is easier than one might think because most potential speakers have an affinity for LUGs and enjoy being involved.  Given common sense planning (asking local speakers, reasonable 2-3 month planning window, etc.) most experts are pretty open to speaking about their work.  Its an opportunity for them to bring more publicity to their projects and an easy way to get grassroots feedback from users.

INSTALLFEST COORDINATOR -- The installfest coordinator is responsible for announcing and attending SVLUG's monthly installfest.  The installfest coordinator role need not be a technical one, its more about welcoming attendees and liaising with host to ensure that the event runs smoothly than being the responsible for answering folks install/software related questions.  

WEB TEAM HELP -- The web team can always use a hand making the regular updates to svlug.org.  Most of the website updates are basic text and/or links.  For example, after the general meeting tonight, several web pages will need to be updated to reflect Dec. 2nd as the next meeting.  If you'd like to volunteer on the web team please introduce yourself on the mailing list here:


MAIL TEAM HELP -- The mail team runs the mailing list and needs help on two levels.  First, day-to-day management of the lists to ensure that moderated list ques are cleared in a reasonable timeframe.  Second, migration of SVLUG's mail server to modern hardware & software.  SVLUG does not need hardware donations, but rather sysadmin help to get the move done. 


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