[svlug-announce] SVLUG General Meeting, Wednesday, May 5th; Learn about CTL

Mark Weisler mark at weisler-saratoga-ca.us
Mon May 5 13:07:16 PDT 2008

Join the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group (SVLUG) this coming Wednesday to 
learn about CTL.

   Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

CTL is a new open source software project providing a cross-platform command 
dispatching framework for distributed application and system management. 

Alex Honor 
 CTL - this page has more information on the presentation:

Alex Honor is a developer and open-source project-leader for ControlTier 
Software. Alex has been designing and implementing automation and 
administration solutions for over 15 years. He was head of architecture and 
system engineering at E*TRADE, where he led the scaling of infrastructure 
from one app on 3 nodes to dozens of apps across thousands of nodes in 
multiple datacenters. Alex has held engineering and operations management 
positions in government and startups always focussing on distributed systems. 
His current focus is on CTL, a next-generation automation framework, for 
system and application administration. Alex also provides design consulting 
to ControlTier's SaaS and ecommerce customers to automate their online 

None this month.


   Symantec  (formerly Veritas Software Corp.)
   VCAFE Facility
   350 Ellis Street  (near E. Middlefield Road)
   Mountain View, CA 94043

   Directions on how to get there are listed at:

   We've tried our very best for these directions to be accurate.
   If you have any improvements to make, please let SVLUG's volunteers know!
   webmaster {at} svlug -dot- org


None planned for this meeting.


   If you just can't get enough, a smaller group usually goes to a local
   restaurant/diner after the meeting.  We'll announce the restaurant
   selection at the meeting.

 We look forward to seeing you there!

Mark Weisler 
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