[svlug-announce] SVLUG Hacking Society TOMORROW, Feb. 21st, 7 to 10 pm

J. Paul Reed preed at svlug.org
Mon Feb 20 18:57:42 PST 2006

The SVLUG Hacking Society will be meeting in our standard location, the
Round Table Pizza in North San Jose on First St. at our standard time, 7 to
10 pm.

More information, including directions, is available at:


This will be the first Hacking Society meeting since the holidays, so we're
looking forward to everyone joining us to work on their pet coding projects

As an apology for missing last month's Hacking Society meeting, there will
be two extra-large pizzas waiting for us when we get there.

Silicon Valley Linux Users' Group
preed at svlug.org

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