[svlug-announce] SBAY.org open board positions

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Fri Feb 10 14:20:55 PST 2006

  Apologies if you are seeing more than one copy of this - that would mean
  that you are active in more than one Special Interest Group (SIG) or 
  committee of SBAY.org activities.  If there was delay, note that our
  announce lists are moderated and I am not the listmaster.

  If this is the first you're hearing of SBAY (and I suppose even if it's 
  not ;> ) - SBAY.org is a technical organization dedicated to support of
  electronic communications, open source technology, and the technologies
  that these are leading us toward. 

  We still have two vacancies and ideally, we'd like to fill them by the
  February 18 board meeting, so that these directors could be accepted and
  able to attend that meeting.  The first order of business will be to fill
  these positions if there are candidates for them.

  Don't be bashful - if you *think* you're interested, feel free to ask 
  enough to become sure;  I can be easily reached by cellphone, or if you 
  prefer to email, please use:
	star+sbay at starshine.org
  lest you risk being sent to my flood folder... which I do check, but not
  nearly as often.  You might find what you need without having to ask, at:

1. Secretary to the Board of Directors
   In this position you would --
   * maintain the current text of the by-laws.
     This will be easy to start with since the original as agreed upon is
     part of our incorporation filing with the state. 
   * maintain the minutes of meetings of Board of Directors and members
     The previous board meeting was conducted partly over IRC, thus a 
     session transcript of that portion was very easy.  Good typing might
     be desired, but you don't have to be verbose.
   * maintains organization records
     This will become increasingly important as our SIGs are involved in
     major projects and membership records are maintained.  There will 
     likely be some coordination with the Treasurer.
  This position is elected by the Board of Directors for one calendar-year
  term at a time.  The secretary is a critical position for smooth operation
  of any club, so we hope for someone who can get along well with our varied 

2. A 2006 calendar-year voting seat on the Board of Directors.
   * You would be expected to make efforts to attend board of directors 
     meetings, although electronic means may be available and by phone would
     do in a pinch.
   * As part of the board you would look out for the organization's best
     interest as a whole, as well as a positive result for our SIGs and

Thanks for bothering to read this far;  if either spot looks like you, I
look forward to seeing you at SBAY.org's next board meeting.

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