[svlug-announce] recruiting for speaker bureau coordinator

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Mon Feb 23 06:10:19 PST 2004

SVLUG is currently recruiting for a new Speaker Coordinator.  And sbay.org
needs someone to coordinate the new Speakers Bureau project.
If we can, we'd do well to find one person who take on both of those as one
role.  It was already planned to transition this under sbay.org anyway,
in order to make the project more inclusive for BSD groups like BAFUG.

If you volunteer for this, it can help develop project leadership experience.
If you do this well, you and your team can really help make SVLUG, BAFUG,
PenLUG and LUGoD stronger organizations by keeping a pipeline of good
speakers filled.  While this was envisioned as lending a strength of SVLUG
to the other groups, SVLUG can also use help filling its position now.
That has added some urgency to the recruiting effort, but will probably
result in accelerating the vision we've had for the project.  Preferably,
you'll want to lead a team rather than try to do everything yourself.

You're already not alone...  the people on the speakers list are the SVLUG
Speaker Coordination team.  Members of this team help recruit speakers and
review unsolicited proposals for speaking - both are very important tasks.

I'm also helping with getting some meeting-scheduling software started.
That would be a whole new aspect to the team.  For an example of what's
been started, see http://sw.sbay.org/xml/

If that sounds interesting to you then offer to help with the software.
The code will be Open Source, of course.

Now you can see more of what's going on than just recruiting speakers.
We'd like to automate this process.  The idea is to download meeting dates
from the groups we work with, and then export filled meeting/speaker info
back that they can post automatically on their web site.  Of course, each
group should remain involved in finding speakers too.  So we're working
together so that it helps all of us.

That's the idea.  Can you help make this happen?  Or do you know someone
who can?  Please help us recruit for this project.

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