[svlug-announce] svlug.org back up

Marc MERLIN marc_news at merlins.org
Thu Feb 5 10:49:22 PST 2004

Most of you know that the svlug machine has been having problems.
It first started to fail just before the january meeting, came back up after
a reboot and failed again (not being able to reboot) a few days later, right
before I was leaving for linux.conf.au for 10 days.

I brought the machine home when I came back, swapped some hardware, burned
it in, and plugged it back in.
It worked fine until 2 days ago, when it died again right before the
meeting. Some troubleshooting seemed to show that the motherboard had died.

I brought the machine home yesterday, and copied its contents to an old
2U rackable server that's completely overpowered for the task, but it will
do :)
It was plugged in this morning and hopefully will work for at least 3 years
in a row, like the old hardware did.

Ian also offered to mirror the web site for an backup switchover should
we have problems again.

Sorry for the inconvenience you experienced in the meantime.

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