[svlug-announce] REMINDER: SVLUG Wed Aug 7: Scheduled Maintenance Windows

stevegt@svlug.org stevegt at svlug.org
Wed, 7 Aug 2002 11:41:45 -0700

We're pleased to announce the next meeting of the Silicon Valley Linux
Users Group!


  Scheduled Maintenance Windows


  Wednesday, Aug 7, 2002, 7pm-9pm or so

  Christine Hogan, Consultant, 
  	Co-author of "The Practice of System and Network Administration"


As Linux continues its march into mission-critical use within major
corporations, Linux systems administrators are being called upon to
provide ever-increasing levels of reliability and uptime.  A
standalone Linux box already exceeds these metrics compared to most
other operating systems.  A heterogeneous infrastructure of mixed
Linux and UNIX machines provides more challenges, and even Linux needs
to be shut down now and then...

Scheduled maintenance windows are needed for certain disruptive tasks,
such  as  redesigning  your authentication architecture or moving your
data  center.  This  talk looks at how to prepare for and execute such
scheduled  maintenance  windows. It covers why maintenance windows are
useful, and what impact they have on running a site. It gives examples
of  maintenance  windows  at  small  and  large sites. How to perform
scheduled maintenance at high-availability sites is also covered.


Christine  Hogan  has worked in system administration for more than 11
years.  Her  experience includes academic institutions, Silicon Valley
start-ups and large companies.  She specializes in security,
networking and  project  management.  She  co-authored  the book "The
Practice of System  and  Network  Administration"  and  runs her own
consulting company.  She currently lives in London, UK.  


Cisco Building 9.  The land of NUMBERS. The VINEYARDS conference
center.  The side we are on is the Silver Oak/Jordan conference rooms,
where a large Cisco fountain is usually not turned on.  Directions on
how to get there are listed at:


It's best if you arrive close to on time, as otherwise there may not
be someone posted at the door to let you in.  After the speakers end
their presentation there is usually a Q&A session, time for job
seekers and employers to meet, and often a few door prizes.  When the
meeting is over people are encouraged to chat a bit, but also to exit
the building so Cisco can lock up. Don't worry, a lot of us go to
dinner afterward so there's plenty of time to chat outdoors or

We've tried our very best for these directions to be accurate.  If you
have any improvements to make, please let our Web Team know!


To propose an SVLUG talk, see http://www.svlug.org/call4speakers.shtml.

We look forward to seeing you there!