[svlug-announce] SVLUG meeting THIS WEDNESDAY, 7 pm.: Sendmail "Milter"

Tom Geller svlug@svlug.org
Sun, 4 Feb 2001 20:33:59 -0800

We're pleased to announce the next meeting of SVLUG, this coming 
Wednesday (7 February).

   Eric Allman, Chief Technology Officer, Sendmail Inc.
   See "About the speaker", below, for more information.

   The sendmail Mail Filter (Milter) API was created as a mechanism
   to allow third-party filters to intercept mail as it is being read
   with the possibility of rejecting mail, redirecting it, or modifying
   the envelope, header, or body of the message.  Plugins exist for
   anti-spam and anti-virus protection, rejecting mail on the basis
   of MIME attachment types, adding disclaimers to messages, logging
   messages for auditing reasons, and many others. This talk will discuss
   the use and implementation of the Milter interface.

   Wednesday February 7, 7pm-9pm or so.

   Cisco Building 9.
   The land of NUMBERS.  The VINEYARDS conference center.
   The side we are on is the Silver Oak/Jordan conference rooms,
   where a large Cisco fountain is usually not turned on.
     Directions on how to get there are listed at:
     *** use this if you encounter DNS problems reaching it ***
     We've tried our very best for these directions to be accurate.
   If you have any improvements to make, please let our Web Team
   know!  web-team@svlug.org

   It's best if you arrive close to on time, as otherwise
   there may not be someone posted at the door to let you in.
     After the speakers end their presentation there is usually
   a Q&A session, and often a few door prizes.
     When the meeting is over people are encouraged to chat a bit,
   but also to exit the building so Cisco can lock up.  Don't
   worry, a lot of us go to dinner afterward so there's plenty
   of time to chat outdoors or offsite.

   Eric Allman, Chief Technology Officer
   As Sendmail, Inc.'s chief technology officer and co-founder,
   Eric Allman leads the company's technology strategy and
   developments. Allman authored sendmail, the world's first
   Internet Mail program, in 1981 while at the University of
   California at Berkeley. He continues to spearhead
   sendmail.org, the global team of volunteers that maintain
   and support the sendmail Open Source platform.
     Before joining Sendmail, Inc., Allman served as chief
   technical officer for Sift, Inc., which is now part of 24/7
   Media, Inc. Prior to 24/7 Media, Inc., he was lead developer
   and provided a large-scale research software infrastructure
   on the Mammoth project at U.C. Berkeley. Allman has
   contributed as a senior developer at the International
   Computer Science Institute to neural network systems design.
   Allman was also an early contributor to Berkeley UNIX,
   authoring syslog, tset, the troff -me macros, and trek in
   addition to sendmail. For several years, he has co-authored
   the "C Advisor" column for UNIX Review magazine and is a
   former member of the Board of Directors of USENIX
   Association. Allman holds an MS degree in Computer Science
   from the University of California at Berkeley.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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