[svlug-announce] About the restaurant tonight

Marc MERLIN marc_news@valinux.com
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 12:46:57 -0700

For those  coming tonight to  the restaurant  after the meeting,  here's the
current state of affairs:
Tied  House  is picky  about  reservations,  they want  us  to  commit to  a
pre-decided menu _and_ they want a credit card number.

Last time, Chris was nice enough to help  me work with them and to give them
his credit card number, but when we  showed up, most people decided to order
from the regular menu, which they grudgingly accepted to do.

So, while they are  a pain to deal with, almost everyone  seemed to be happy
with the place, and  liked it. That's why I tried to  come up with something
so that we could go again.
Because we are not playing by their "rules", we don't have a reservation for
tonight, but the manager told me that  enough tables should be cleared up by

So, the plan is that I'll call them around 21:00, make sure they indeed have
space for  us, and  confirm that  we're heading up  over there. If  not, the
backup plan is to go to Harry's Hofbrau in Mountain View.
I know it's a bit complicated, but I hope it's worth it... (if not, we'll do
something else next month).
Note that we have to be there by 21:45 and have ordered food by then because
they close their kitchen at 22:00.

For those not going to the meeting, but going to the restaurant, you can
call me on my cell phone _after_ 21:00: 408 621 7072

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